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Welcome to the Washington University Vein Center. Our goal is to educate you about how our vascular specialists can help you understand and treat your vein problems, and to give you back legs that look and feel great! Vein problems are very common, affecting more than 80 million Americans. Vein problems include medical conditions such as smaller spider veins, larger varicose veins, or venous leg ulcers, and can sometimes cause other serious health problems. Common complaints include unsightly appearance of the legs, visible spider veins or varicose veins, leg or ankle swelling, pain, itching, throbbing or aching discomfort, dark skin discoloration or even ulcers near the ankle area.

Spider vein problems and varicose vein/venous reflux problems are very different and are treated in totally different ways. It is important that you understand which problem you have, and then learn about how we can help you. Many patients have both problems – a general rule of thumb is to treat the larger vein problems first and the spider vein problems later.

Vein disease is a progressive disorder that does not improve without treatment by a physician. Both men and women are affected, and symptoms can occur in any age group including young and middle-aged persons. Fortunately, recent advances in medical care have made vein disorders easily treatable through simple and safe techniques that don't require surgery.

We want you to learn more about how the Washington University Vein Center doctors can make your legs look and feel better! To learn more about vein disease, proceed to the Vein Problems area of our website. 

Washington University vein specialists see patients at several convenient locations around the St. Louis/St. Charles metropolitan area.To make an appointment to see one of our vein disease experts, click on the Contact Us tab, or call 314-362-5347 (362-LEGS). If you make an appointment to see one of our vascular specialists, be sure you also visit the tab labeled Your Visit so our doctors will have all the information they need when you come to our office.